10 Lines That Stood Out to Me from #ASKGARYVEE

  1. “The best way to become something is to do the work required to become something.”

Gary Vaynerchuk truly believes the work, the hard work, has to be done to accomplish something. Too often, there are companies and businesses not putting in the full effort to get across to their customers, and when you see the lack of effort coming from the business, what would compel you to continue using their services. Also, from the beginning of one’s venture into a new business or whatever field, if the hard work and effort is not put in, then it would be very difficult to assume your business or idea will succeed.

2. “And then we made sure to have such amazing customer service when people walked in the door that they couldn’t wait to return.”

I currently help run Books & Books in South Florida, where we have three locations. I believe it is our customer service that keeps us thriving. We have to compete with Amazon, as do just about every other retail business in these times. If we do not have incredible customer service and great staff, then there would be no incentive for customers to return. This quote was perfect to me, it makes so much sense, and should for any type of business.

3. “There is no right time to hustle, as long as you are hustling.”

This quote was in reference to a question Gary received questioning if he was a morning person. Basically his response was how it didn’t make much difference if someone was a morning person or not. People can be effective at different times of the day and it doesn’t matter when the work is done as long as the work is done effectively. The effort has to be there whether it is first thing in the morning, or in the middle of the night. Basically, there is no true gain to being a “morning person,” when some may be more effective at other times.

4. “The Problem is that when you’re only posting on your own site you’re at the mercy of the traffic that goes there.”

I felt this quote made a very good point for beginning businesses and beginners in social media. If you are only using your site as a means to get your message across, then you are only going to reach the people visiting your site. If you are just starting out, chances are you do not have too many visitors visiting your site at the start. By posting on other mediums it can lead to new visitors to your site and new chances of marketing your business.

5. “Content creates opportunity, and if you can’t produce the content at the rate your audience wants it or that benefits you, your business won’t survive.”

I am not too involved with social media at Books & Books, but our marketing team puts great effort in creating content that is worthy of audience reception. Many of our social media posts are to advertise upcoming events with authors presenting their latest work. I’ve noticed in recent year the reach that Facebook and Instagram has gained for us as a company. There are many people that find out about the events from these posts. Not only does it bring people to the events, but it leads to customers seeing the value of the store and hopefully, as return customers.

6. “No matter what you’re selling, you’ve got to pay attention to the attention graph, not just how it looks now, but how it will look in the foreseeable future.”

This quote refers to where your audience is currently paying attention. If your business’s audience is focusing on one platform more than another, try to hit that platform more to keep up with your audience. You cannot, in most respects, afford to lose any customers. As a social marketing team, you also need to pay attention to trends and people’s trends in terms of their preferences in an ever increasing innovative social media world.

7. “Taking an open, optimistic attitude will keep your content fresh and exciting, and allow you to change the world’s perception of your “boring” product.”

Social media marketers need to be open minded and creative when creating content for their business. With so much competition out there, you need your product to stand out stronger than the next. Books & Books continues to always have an open mind on creating new content to establish new customers as well as continuing to keep long-time customers.

8. “Finding a way to free yourself from you fear of public speaking is an extremely worthwhile investment, because if you succeed, it sets the potential for an enormous boon to your brand or business.”

This quote stood out to me because I have an incredible fear of public speaking. I think it is a very important skill to have now and in the future for any kind of business. I try to conquer that fear when I have the chance, by taking opportunities to speak publicly. I do think it gets easier, as with many things, the more times you do it. Gary Vaynerchuk is an outstanding public speaker, and never appears to have any nerves and speaks freely and openly and effectively, which is key.

9. “So, the answer to improving your social, whether you’re a music producers or a mustard seller, is, as always, to listen to your audience or the target audience and produce great content, in that order.”

Along with many of the quotes listed here, audience is the key to any thriving business. If you can’t keep your audience and customers happy or keeping them as customers at all, business will be that much tougher. You need to always have the ideals and concerns of your audience at the top of your list, or what would be the point. The point of running a business is to offer a service or product to customers, or an audience. If you can’t continue great social presence in the eyes of your audience then the business may fail.

10. “I’m convinced this period will be heralded as one of the great eras of advertising alongside early TV advertising, early direct mail advertising, and early Google AdWords.”

In reference to Facebook Ads, Gary Vaynerchuk equated the rise in Social Media advertisements to early TV advertising which was, at the time, an incredibly effective means of getting your business’s message across. Now with the increased advertising possibilities across the Social Media platforms, the success of advertising seem limitless, so I agree with Vaynerchuk’s assessment of the advertising world we are currently living in.

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