#MediaChat — @Medium

On Thursday, February 9th, I joined a Tweetchat with #MediaChat. The topic of the night was, ironically, Medium.com. The chat began with introductions, people from all around the United Sates, excited to discuss @Medium. The chat was put together by @media_chat under the #mediachat, and hosted by Aaron Kilby, @kilby76. This particular chat brought in special guest Chris Jones @sourcePOV.

The first question, posted by @kilby76, “Q1) @sourcePOV As a tool for writers, what makes @Medium unique? #MediaChat.” The first answer, from @sourcePOV, “A1. What makes @medium unique is that it’s intuitive, scalable & portable. Easy to learn & start writing, minimal design overhead #mediachat.” It was the consensus opinion that Medium gives you a great user experience and is very user-friendly, especially for beginners, which was great news for me. Chris Jones, @sourcePOV also added, “I’m prob. more a classic writer, than a blogger. Medium gives me what I need to frame an idea. It’s up to me to make it matter #mediachat.” Others discussed the content and they abundance of writers, articles and other items that have interest to them that are all easily available on Medium.com. Ken Gordon, @quickmuse, added “A1 Medium looks professional. It’s easy to use. No editors to stop you from saying stupid things. Direct access to an audience.”

The second question, “Q2) @sourcePOV How does @Medium compare with a blogging platform like WordPress? #MediaChat,” brought what became the overall theme of the rest of the TweetChat.

@SourcePOV, discussed one of the main differences between WordPress and Medium, one being the overall design. He viewed WordPress better for design purposes, whereas with Medium, it is your design. WordPress can be much more difficult, in terms of design, for the average person. Medium allows you to just write. Chris Jones continues with, “A2 … but if u want to write and get help with exposure & readership, @Medium gives u a huge leg up, w/o having to be a designer #mediachat.”

One of the most interesting topics that came about in the discussion, was how Medium only allows you to include five hashtags. From @kilby76, “Q4) @sourcePOV, “if hashtags are critical, why does @Medium allow only 5 per post? #MediaChat,” It seems as if everyone was in agreement with that limit. Special guest @sourcePOV mentioned, “A4. I think we’ve all seen hashtags go crazy (eg. Instagram). By limiting a post to 5, @medium is helping create context & focus #mediachat.” Everyone seemed to agree hashtags were very important, but you should also be able to get your message across in 5 points or less.

Overall, following along and contributing to a Tweet chat was an interesting and educational experience. Most of the time in this particular tweet chat, #mediachat, the comparison between WordPress and Medium lead with the most tweets. I would say it was a mixed bag of opinions, but most would agree that Medium made it easier to just express your ideas through writing, less to do with design. It was a great experience learning and networking with other people trying to learn the inner secrets of social media and blogging.

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