Noah Martin
Breakdown of the Spark app, red indicates duplicates

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Many mobile developers can attest to the problems of app size increase.

Sometimes it’s a quick feature release with an uncompressed image that adds 5%. Sometimes it’s a slow, steady increase of 0.5% each week.

I worked on these issues as a software engineer at Airbnb for 4.5 years, and…

An overview of process, tips, and pitfalls we learned while bringing Dynamic Type to Airbnb. For you to reference when supporting Dynamic Type in your apps too!

By Noah Martin & Hugo Ahlberg


Since iOS 7, Dynamic Type has allowed users to choose a prefered font size for their phone. At Airbnb, we try to build an app that our entire community can use — since Dynamic Type is a critical accessibility feature, we knew supporting it…

Noah Martin

Co-founder of Emerge Tools, previously software engineer at Airbnb.

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