Apple updates it’s post-it notetaking software, Stickies, for the first time in four years

Apple’s latest operating system, macOS High Sierra was released to the public on September 25th 2017 providing users with updates and bug fixes.

macOS High Sierra (2017): Active window provides 3 buttons. In-active window hides buttons & frame.

An update that has been skipped over by many users, includes an update to Stickies interface. This is the first update to Stickies since OS X Mavericks, back in 2013.

Mac OS X Mavericks (2013): In-active & active windows both display buttons & the frame.

The updated user interface provides:

  • a nice, clean look for inactive stickies (whereas, before, window buttons and frame were always apparent)
  • a third button, to enlarge the note to fit full screen
  • keyboard shortcuts to change the colour of their sticky note via ⌘+number and choose from 6 colours, respectively. (Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Gray)

A very small, but interesting update from Apple.

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