some kind of clutter

I bought an iPad keyboard recently.

The iPad Pro really, really appeals to me. In that future minded, “I can now do everything more portable now”, kind of way. Never mind that I can’t actually do the heavy, “pro” work I need to do for my job — for that, I’d need Axure, Sketch, Macaw, and a few others.

But a lot of it I could do: the Omni apps, Pixelmator, Coda. It’s so close, and that’s what makes it so desirable, because I can see the inevitability of it. And if I could commit to a certain kind of work, I could make it fit.

I hate excess. The quickest way to frustrate me is to give me two things that can serve the same purpose equally. One of them has to go. I hate clutter. Once I had upgraded to a PS4 at home, I wanted to sell my PS3. But the PS4 couldn’t play PS3 games, and there were a number of great titles I wanted to share with my son, so it stayed. Not a day goes by where I don’t dream of disconnecting it from the TV for good.

But back to this keyboard.

It’s the Logitech Keys-to-Go. Wonderfully thin, light, and the typing action and feel is comparable to the Keyboard Covers for the Microsoft Surface tablets. I’ve loved the hardware form factor of the Surface, and am excited to see the Apple approach to it finally coming to light.

Carrying both a tablet and a portable keyboard, loose, isn’t ideal. But it gets close to this future where I can reduce the redundancy and clutter of having both this and a MacBook Air at home. And I keep that MacBook Air because of Axure, and Sketch, and Macaw, and others.

But oh man, I see two powerful computing devices side by side. And the clutter drives me nuts.