In March 2017 I received funding from the MIT Sandbox program to build a product using the CM1K neural network chip. The CM1K is an integrated circuit that implements RBF and KNN classifiers in hardware, which supposedly gives much better performance than implementing these algorithms in software. I proposed to use this chip as the basis for a breakout board that could interface with popular hobbyist electronics platforms (such as the Raspberry Pi or the Arduino). All code and schematics can be found on this project’s Github page.

Prior Work

I was inspired to begin this project after randomly searching Google to…

Part 1 of 1, 2

On July 1st, 2017, HackMIT released our fourth (!!!!) annual puzzle. Past years brought us memes, more memes, and webcomics, but this year we’re going all the way hack to the future (along with the entire hackathon itself — check it out)!

A huge shout-out to all the puzzle makers and Slackers this year: Pat, Shreyas, Moin, Anthony, Claire and Jack!

But first, if you haven’t seen the puzzle yet, we recommend you dial in to July 1st and try it out at! Come back later after you’re thoroughly stumped 😵


(Website, GitHub)


Noah Moroze

Student at MIT

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