Talking Manhattan | Bianka Yankov & Mark Weinstock of Spire

Today’s discussion is with Bianka Yankov, Founder & CEO of Spire, and Mark Weinstock, agent at Spire. I have known and admired Bianka for years now and love what she is doing at her firm Spire. I thought she & her colleague Mark would be a great addition to our series here of Talking Manhattan.

Today’s topics include:

  • Your best offer usually comes in the first few weeks
  • Renovation tips: Don’t rush it, wait until you own it, consider picking your own materials to control costs
  • Sellers are starting to “come down” to get deals done
  • Why it’s a great “trade-up” market
  • There are no isolated areas to this down cycle anymore
  • Landlords prefer to give concessions rather than lower monthly rate
  • The posionous nature of Open Rental Listings (data-side)
  • Highest rental concessions are in the newer, shinier buildings
  • Back up your client conversations with data & facts
  • Sellers must strategize to “create an urgency” and stand out

Coming Next Week — Interview with Jonathan Helfer, Attorney at Katz & Matz

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