Talking Manhattan | Jay Glazer of Corcoran

Today’s discussion is with Jay Glazer of Corcoran. Jay is a perfect fit for these video podcasts because as a seasoned veteran, he tells it like it is and gets right down into what is happening in the Manhattan markets right now at the personal level.

Todays discussion includes topics on:

  • Through the lens of buyers, there is definitely opportunity
  • Pedestrian priced homes still not selling
  • Days on Market at 90, highest in 6 years
  • “If its not compelling, its not selling”
  • Buyers must be “compelled” into action and should never forget the cyclical nature of this market
  • “What’s happening on lower 5th avenue right now is interesting”
  • High-line has a “crazy amount of inventory” right now
  • Sellers should “Price for the shift”

Click the video below to watch.

Coming on Thursday— Interview with Ryan Serhant, NestSeekers International and star of Million Dollar Listing

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