Talking Manhattan | Jonathan Miller, Appraiser at Miller Samuel

Noah Rosenblatt
Sep 25 · 1 min read

We got a good one today, as we welcome Jonathan Miller, appraiser extraordinaire with Miller Samuel, to discuss today’s NYC markets. I’ve known Jonathan for over 13 years now and to have him on Talking Manhattan is a real treat. With Q3 reports set to come out in a few days, get the inside scoop on the data sure to make headlines. From how much we are down to valuing outdoor space, this one is a must listen for all NYC agents.

Jonathan Miller’s Valuing outdoor space article can be found here.

Today’s topics include:

(2:40) Market under seige, tax policies change consumers behavior

(3:21) 3 changes affecting NYC housing markets

(5:38) This is a policy driven market reset versus a cyclical downturn

(7:38) The bid to ask spread is wide right now

(8:08) How much is the market down since the 2014/2015 peak?

(9:18) Ugly Q3 numbers coming up? Here’s what to expect

(14:20) Valuing outdoor space

(19:11) How does an appraiser view this market?

(21:57) What indicators do you look at to track this market in real time?

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Coming Next Week: Roundtable State of the Market with Jacky Teplitzky, Barak Dunayer, Ari Harkov, Deanna Kory, Brian Meier & Brian Morgan

Noah Rosenblatt

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Founder of, this is a compilation of my NYC Real Estate podcasts, market updates and new product offerings.

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