Talking Manhattan | Tracie Golding of Stribling

Today’s discussion is with Tracie Golding, member of Stribling’s Chairman Circle, and real estate veteran of 23 years.

Today’s discussion includes topics on:

  • “Dinner table” conversations are affecting buyers mindset
  • How much do sellers have to go down to get a deal done?
  • There are cases where agents poison sellers expectations on pricing
  • Buyers are much pickier now that they have leverage
  • Buyers should take their uncertainty and just “price it into their bids”!
  • Stricter co-ops have suffered in this market
  • Sellers must be patient!
  • Even if your priced right, the traffic is still slow
  • New agents should accelerate learning this market by joining a productive team

Coming next week — Interviews with Caroline Bass & Susan Dileo of Corcoran and Alyssa Brody of Compass

Click here for Audio Only (recommended) — We recently updated our recording equipment, but we still have a few video podcasts recorded where the sounds drops unexpectadly due to the web-based software we were using. Unfortunately this video was affected by the mysterious audio dropout, so we recommend you use this audio only link to listen. By the holidays, all of these video interviews will be on a newer version which greatly improves the overall sound and pciture. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.