The Takeaway — Dr. Greg Rose

Below are my main takeaways from listening to the 18 Strong Podcast interview with Dr. Greg Rose.

Force = Mass x Acceleration

In order to create force we need to improve mass and/or acceleration. Dr. Greg Rose has noticed a pattern that “bigger guys” tend to be around longer. If you have more mass, you don’t need to accelerate as much to create force. Adding muscle mass can help perpetuate an injury free career.

“Somebody has to create the force that’s delivered to the golf club. If you have more ability to control your accelerations, we feel that your longevity is increased.”

Motor patterns are built around physical limitations

If we have certain limitations our body will naturally learn to work around those limitations in order swing the club. Once the physical limitations are overcome, the swing pattern won’t necessarily change. It simply means we are physically capable of making improved movements if new motor patterns are engrained.

“Once you’ve built a motor pattern, the motor pattern doesn’t go away, you just have the ability to change the motor pattern now.”

You can’t unlearn a motor pattern

You can only learn a new motor pattern and work towards making that the default choice. You have to be able to feel the difference between desired and undesired movements. If you can identify the difference in feel you can create a new motor program. Dr. Greg metaphorically refers to a motor program as a book on a shelf. You can’t take the book off the shelf, you can only add new books to the shelf and train yourself to naturally reach for the desired book.

“Form doesn’t get you to writing a book faster, feel does. They have to be able to feel what coiling into the hip feels like versus swaying into the hip.”


Dr. Greg Rose is one of the founders of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). He holds an engineering degree from the University of Maryland and is a certified Doctor of Chiropractic specializing in assessing and treating golfers. Rose was a pioneer in using 3-dimensional motion capture for golf swing analysis.

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