Social Injustice on Animal Cruelty


There are many corporations out there who are responsible for the millions of abused and slaughtered animals. Everyday, animals are mistreated, physically and mentally. In my opinion, it’s everyone’s fault that animals are treated this way, believe it or not but you participate in it almost everyday (unless you’re a vegan). We promote this abuse by buying packages meat and clothing. Now I’m not saying that you can’t eat meat or not wear clothes but what you can do is watch where these types of products come from. Often times, we buy these products because they’re cheap and the companies that produce these cheap products, will most definitely treat their animals and livestock cheap. Now in the Factory Farming industry, it’s all about what is the cheapest and most efficient and whatever doesn’t follow these rules is exempt from the process of producing these products. Factory farmers aren’t the only major cause of animal abuse but so are the people that promote animal fighting, animal sports and use of animals for entertainment. Animals shouldn’t be treated as if they’re less than us because they’re not, we shouldn’t be the dominant organism in this case. I’m saying that you as an individual should strive to purchase kindly raised animals, non factory farmed animals and not abused animals.


The what in this circumstance is the wrong way animals are treated. For hundred of years humans have dominant and controlling to animals. It’s time to stop treating them like they’re our servants of entertainment and source of supplies. We shouldn’t be putting these organisms in these uncomfortable situations. It’s a hard reality to face but it shouldn’t be ignored much longer.


Animal abuse doesn’t have a specific location or time. It occurs all around the world at various times but to give a less broad location, think of farms, zoos, circuses, clothing companies and laboratories. These are the main locations where animal abuse takes place. Farms are where animals could be stored so we could use them for their resources, zoos are where animals are placed so we could stare at them behind the bars where they lie depressed, circuses are where animals can be abused and forced to learn tricks for our entertainment, clothing companies are where animals are uncomfortable forced to give away their only source of warmth and comfort only for our warmth and comfort, and last but definitely not least, laboratories, this is where animals are basically inhumanely abused for just the sake of science. These locations have been put under investigation occasionally but they’re not our slaves.


Against, animal abuse doesn’t occur at a specific time. It’s an occurring action that doesn’t have a time. Animal abuse has been occurring for hundreds of years, first starting as long as before Christ, first starting around the middle east, they have used the animals as entertainment and competition. We still do this sort of thing today, animals mistreated and not appropriately treated for the uses they can provide.


We abuse animals for the sake of research, entertainment, and use of their essentials. We only do this for our own good but there are better, more efficient, kinder ways to use the animals for their essentials. Scientist use animals for the sake of science, they don’t care how the animal is being treated, they only test drugs and pharmaceuticals on them. We also use animals as a type of entertainment, places these animals in zoos so we can watch them sit in a cage all depressed. Humans train animals too, they force animals into learning trick so the audience will be astonished, but many people don’t know what goes on before the show. Last but not least, we store animals in tightly compacted areas where they sit on their deathbed, waiting to be served on a plate. This isn’t a healthy way to raise livestock, if we watched where majority of our meat came from, we wouldn’t be meat eaters anymore.

Service Learning Project

I teamed up with four of my peers in order to raise money for animal abuse. We baked cookies, brownies, and cupcakes in order to raise awareness for abused animals and donate money towards helpful organizations.

Propaganda used to fight the Injustice on animals

A lot of art photos are published to promote the injustice on animals. Newspapers and other news spreading service often publish photos of animals that have been abused or need help. There is also bad propaganda like posters for zoo’s basically saying “come watch the depressed animals we’ve abusively trained and forced to learn tricks” and zoo’s propaganda saying, “hey, come enjoy the sight of animals taken away from there homes so you can watch them locked up in their unnatural environment, all depressed. These are the major forms of propaganda, we need to strive to better the propanganda to show the reality behind animal abuse. These need our help, so they don’t get mistreated. Support local promoters on the injustice of animal abuse. Make your own peice of propaganda about animal abuse.

The Everyday Hero

The everyday hero are the organizations that strive to help abused and neglected animals and fight against the injustice that is embedded around the animals. I’m going to talking about a company that helps the animals, their name is PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. This organization explains to the many people, around the world, about animal abuse. They show us the harsh reality that’s been hidden away for many years. You can donate money toward their organization that’s helps abused animals across the globe. Visit for more information.

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