As a quick preface… this case study got a little long, so I’ve broken it up into halves. The first half is research and analysis on the problem of messaging for Google, and the second is design research and production — more UI/UX. Feel free to read just one or both halves.

If one has been even moderately following technology news, they would easily know how much Google has failed within the messaging sphere. …

In the mind of a young contemporary designer, serifs seem out of style. To be fair, it is not hard to see why that is. We are in an interesting time-frame where companies are starting to redesign their logos from their 1990’s predecessors — and nearly every large redesign has swiftly changed their serif faces to geometric sans-serifs. Why use Times when Helvetica still exists?

Even when serifs are used, designers gravitate towards a sexier face — e.g. something like Bodoni, with its vivacious curves and high contrast ratio. However, there is still a strong case to be made for…

Throughout history, graphic designers have been creating beautiful visual systems and ideas with styles such as Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Rococo, Modernism, or Postmodernism just to name a few. With this, they made incredible posters, books, pamphlets, and other various forms of print media. However, today, we as designers are now designing for something completely different — the screen.

Herbert Bayer’s design for Kandinsky’s 60th birthday: quintessential graphic design modernism.

Sometimes designing for the digital space can be heavily misconstrued as an ambiguous translation of print to screen — as in taking a design style, like one of those aforementioned, and simply attempting to design within that particular system. …

Let’s face it. Google’s new form of global navigation is just not very good. After having some time to really live with it and sit on it, I decided to write this so I could stop explaining to people why I thought it was so unsuccessful.

Android’s current “gesture” navigation

Gesture Navigation Itself

So for some basic understanding, I’m going to explain the ideology behind gesture navigation and why it is used from a UX standpoint. From what I’ve read it is generally believed gesture navigation’s main purpose (in the Android sphere, anyhow) is to save some screen real estate by moving three buttons into one. While…

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