I’m not a musically nostalgic person. Of course, I love lots of music from my teen — probably most of my catalog is from the 90s, honestly, but I’m more into progress than looking back. Case in point: While Siamese Dream is my favourite album of all time, the Smashing Pumpkins wouldn’t be the Smashing Pumpkins to me without Adore, Machina I/II, Zeitgeist, etc, all the way through to Monuments to an Elegy and whatever comes next.

But there are some albums that take me to a spot in time, and the one I’m thinking of now is Silver by Moist, which takes me directly to being 14 in 1995. I borrowed it from my friend Chiara and listened to it on a bus trip to Ottawa on an also-borrowed Discman. I probably listened to that album 25 times in one weekend and I was hooked for life from the opening riff of Push to the piano off the title track.

The rest of Moist’s catalog is great, don’t get me wrong. Any legit CanRock aficionado owns Creature, Mercedes Five and Dime and maybe even saw them on the Glory Under Dangerous Skies tour a couple of years ago.

But there’s something about Silver that just resonates. A lot of it’s nostalgia for sure. Being a teenager is complicated and hard. And lonely. For me, it was very lonely and despite having a great family, amazing friends and all the love in the world, the best solace for me was always music. Silver was a big part of that and I’m grateful for it.

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