When did “it’s only a little pee” become an ok thing?

Until you’ve potty trained a 2-year-old, the words “only a little pee” in reference to how much urine is on your hands, clothes, the floor, the toilet seat, or anything else suddenly become part of a normal expression.

If you’re a reasonable person and you get some pee on the floor, you’re grossed out and clean it up immediately. If you get some on your hands, it’s a one way ticket to hand washing city with no stops along the way.

… if you’re a reasonable person.

But there’s no such thing when you’re potty training a toddler. A little pee in the floor? Yeah, that can wait until tomorrow. Touched a peed-on blanket? — gross, but I have to get the kid to bed, I’ll deal with it later.

My wife once said “relax, it’s just kid pee” — as if that somehow makes it something it isn’t.

But everything is worth it when your kid makes in the potty and looks at you like he/she just accomplished something bigger than the moon landing.

That face. That face makes it all worth it.

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