How to get people to love your Ad

It does not matter who you are there is a good chance you hate the ads you see right now. Which everyone would agree he or she do not like ads. As consumers in society, we have grown to not like being pitched things we do not want. The ads like the commercials on TV, banner ads on websites or the Billboard ads you ignore because you are on your phone. Now I agree in most cases, but I do feel that there are certain times for a good ad and something that relates to me personally. I believe that you would be okay with ads if they showed something relevant to you or something you are wanted to buy. The problem is many advertisements that we see are just aiming at a wide audience to try hit as many people. With these ads, they are not trying to be personal and build a relationship with you as a consumer. They are just looking to improve the amount of people who bought this product from last month. Therein lies the problem for us. In most cases we do not trust ads that treat us the same or don’t connect with us. For an ad to do well, it needs to connect with who we are on a personal level.

Now the way to fix this is to change your culture of how you pitch your product. It should be less about increasing a number and more about building a relationship with a customer so that people will want to remain customers. You should want to continue to offer them a service if they can benefit from this service or product. Find the right kind of customer instead of pitching the product blindfolded and hoped that this gets to enough people, and it is the right kind of individuals you are trying to find. You do not need everyone to own your product you just need the right people. Quality over quantity is the key. I can have a thousand people who buy once and never buy again. Alternatively, I can have a hundred people buy every month and tell everyone who is similar to them that they should purchase the product. Which one sounds better to you?

Once you have found your target customer, you need the platform that you are going to connect with them. This is easier to do when you know your client and the kind of person they are. If they are a stay at home mom who likes to take photos of her kids and family vacations, then she is more likely spending a lot of her time on Instagram and Facebook. If your prospect is 75 or older, then they may spend their mornings reading the newspapers or checking thru their paper mail. If you are the kind of audience, you are looking to attract look at your habits. Where does your attention go during the day? Think about this with your audience, know where they put their attention. Put your time into learning how to get attention on this platform. Appeal to what your audience is and show your ideal customer why they would be interested in this product or service.

Now that you understand how to make it so your clients will not hate your ad. Break down who your customer is and express value to them with your product. Narrow down your audience and whom you are trying to contact. Go even deeper with your audience more in depth and find what they like. Start finding precisely where your audience is spending their attention and time. Understand why they do it and what kind of things they see a benefit with on that platform. I cannot promise it is a fool proof system to hundreds of customers. I can tell you it is a much better approach to building a lasting business. Talking and getting to know the people whom you want to do business with will create a foundation of loyal customers. All because you ran your ad to the right audience at the right time.

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