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If there’s anything that can be said about 2020, it’s that these times have such great dissonance. More than 8% of the country is unemployed, hundreds of thousands of small businesses are closing permanently, and the stock market has been rallying to all-time highs —…

To whom it concerns —

My name is Noah Weidner and I’m a senior at the University of Kentucky studying strategic communication. Like most people, I love my university and I want my university to be successful, impactful, accessible, and progressive. I am a proud Wildcat and I always will be. This makes me all the more passionate about being a stark critic of my university and what it is doing for its students.

In the Spring 2020 semester, thousands of colleges across the United States moved to purely online instruction after the outbreak of COVID-19. In the Fall of…

This article is part two of (???) on our definitive digital music marketing guide. This first part provides an overview of potential avenues to grow your Spotify presence. For updates, make sure to follow us on Twitter or sign up for our mailing list.

If you had to ask an artist where they’d prefer their audience growth to come from, they’d probably say something like Apple Music, Deezer, or Spotify. These aforementioned services don’t boast the impressive community-oriented features of their competitors like YouTube and Soundcloud, but they represent the largest set of paying streaming users.

This article is part one of seven of our definitive digital music marketing guide. This first part provides an overview of marketing channels and things to consider. For updates, make sure to follow us on Twitter or sign up for our mailing list.

If being a music artist came with pamphlet that featured a ‘frequently asked questions’ section, then atop that list would probably be “How can I market my music?”

It’s a fair question to ask. All things considered, the last decade has transformed the music industry — giving increased concentration to streaming services, social media, and digital marketing…

Happy Monday, friends —

In June, we made the decision to shutter our free streaming service, Though a handful of users still use a private instance of, we pivoted away from building on the platform after months of discussion within our team as to what we thought would be the most valuable avenue for us to take with, and it’s one you can read about at length here on our blog.

When we started, we were enthused about building a platform which would offer an absolution to the woes of independent musicianship; it would answer to…

Just a month ago, turned one. We released a changelog where we reflected on all of the exciting developments we had made in the year. Unfortunately, however, after months of discussion within our team we have decided that will shut down on August 10, 2019.

Key Takeaways:

  •’s web-based service will shut down on August 10, 2019 at 3:00pm ET.
  • Uploads will remain enabled until August 1, 2019. After this point, further track uploads will no longer be possible.
  • Users can download all of their tracks in the native opus format on the page of their track (see below for…

Happy Saturday! This month’s changelog is 50% reflection, 49% vision, and 1% celebration. What makes this changelog especially unique is that rather than telling you about all of the cool things we added this month (of which many you cannot see), we’re going to tell you about the trailing twelve months on in celebration of the progress we’ve made in the first year of our service.

Just a year ago, we flipped the switch and opened the doors for our closed beta and our friends and family became the first to ̶b̶r̶e̶a̶k̶ use the site. Since then, our community…

A year ago, a handful of friends got together and decided to build an all-inclusive creative community for visual artists, musicians, photographers, developers, writers, and creatives from all disciplines. From this idea to unify creatives in a single community came FORM — a scrappy, but quaint Discord community. “It started when a bunch of us got together and decided to build a community for artists of all kinds to share and improve their work,” FORM co-founder Nes said. “The goal was always to help people do more good.”

Within weeks of opening, FORM built a community of several hundred artists…

As an avid investor and proponent of FIRE (financial independence, retire early), I’ve been asking a question for a long time: how can we gamify the artist experience into a truly financialized and heartless experience? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Today, we are pushing out the Artist Stock Market. At the bottom of your page, you will see a ticker with a number of artists who have IAOed (that’s Initial Artist Offering). These artists now have stocks on the Artist Stock Market.

Now, I know what you’re thinking — “How can I invest in my favourite artists?”…

Happy March! February was another record-setting month for, with hundreds more users joining our community after we opened our community up for public beta. In accordance with our new tradition of editorial features, we present another round of featured tracks, artists, and creations from our community— this time for everything that we discovered and loved in February 2019.

Noah Weidner

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