Is Humble Monthly worth it?

If you are a person who prefers to play PC games along with a bigger Steam backlog, without going through a lot of anguish, Humble Monthly is one of the best options available out there to consider. You just have to pay $12 out of your pocket in order to obtain the Humble Monthly subscription. In case if you subscribe for a longer period of time, the exact amount you have to pay will be less.

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But before you go ahead and obtain Humble Monthly subscription, you need to check if it is really worth the price. We will do an analysis of what you will be able to get along with your Humble Monthly subscription. Then you will be able to determine whether it is worth the amount you spend or not.

What exactly is Humble Monthly?

First of all, let’s take a look at what Humble Monthly is. Humble Monthly can be considered as a website, which was started with the objective of providing PC games for the players in need. In addition, Humble Monthly also donates funds to charity. This fact has contributed a lot towards its popularity among PC gamers.

The most impressive feature that you can see in Humble Monthly is that you are provided with the chance to pay whatever the amount you want in order to play the games. When you do that, a specific percentage of money will be donated to charity. You are also provided with the ability to specify the specific charity cause that you want to donate to.

During the recent past, Humble Monthly expanded the collection of products that are available for sale. In other words, it is now possible to purchase mobile games and books as well. When you keep on doing that, you will be able to add tiers to the bundles.

In case if you make a significantly higher donation, you will be provided with the opportunity to get your hands on extra games. This doesn’t need to be hundreds of dollars. Spending 10 to 15 extra dollars can help you experience it. On the other hand, Humble Monthly also has a standard online store, which you can use in order to purchase the games at their regular prices. However, a percentage of those purchases will also be donated to charity.

Due to these unique features, Humble Monthly can be considered as a great option available for the PC gamers to consider buying their games.

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The monthly subscription service of Humble Monthly

Out of the services that are being offeree by Humble Monthly, the monthly subscription service holds a prominent place. To purchase this subscription service, you will only be spending $12 per month. For that payment, you will be able to get a bigger game along with a collection of smaller games. Once you get your hands on this bundles, you will be able to keep the games that you get as well. Therefore, obtaining a Humble Monthly subscription can be considered as one of the best methods available for you to create an indie game collection. If you are interested in creating such a game collection, look no further before you sign up to a Humble Monthly subscription.

If you can make the monthly subscription fee early, you will be able to gain access to the game immediately. All the other games that come along with the bundle are hidden. They will remain hidden until the complete bundle is released. Therefore, you will get the opportunity to experience a lot of excitement at the beginning of every single month.

Similar to the other subscription packages, purchasing the subscription for few months in advance can help you to reduce the total monthly expenses. This is a feature that you will love. For example, if you purchase the subscription for one year in advance, you will be just paying just one dollar per month.

Apart from the monthly games that you can receive, a Humble Monthly will also provide you with 10% discounts on all the purchases that you make on the Humble Store. This discount is applicable even for the brand new releases. This is another outstanding feature that you will be able to get along with Humble Monthly.

The Humble Trove

The Humble Trove is another outstanding feature that you will be able to get along with your Humble Monthly subscription. The Humble Trove can simply be defined as a collection of games. You will be able to access this collection of games and download them at any given time. All you have to be is a monthly subscription owner of Humble Monthly to gain access to this fascinating collection. The games that you will be able to get with Humble Trove are relatively new. On the other hand, majority of those games are small indie titles. You will love this feature, which comes exclusively with your Humble Monthly subscription.


As you can see, Humble Monthly is a great option that the PC gamers can think of trying. You can receive outstanding results with the subscription. When you compare all the benefits that you will be able to get along with a Humble Monthly subscription, you will notice that it is totally worth. If you are a PC gamer, there’s nothing better you can expect.

If you are about to purchase your Humble Monthly subscription, you are encouraged to pay for many months in advance. By doing this, you will not be losing your money. Instead, you will be provided with the opportunity to gain access to a large number of impressive features at a lower price tag. This is how you should use Humble Monthly to get the most out of the platform as well. You will never be disappointed with what is being offered to you with Humble Monthly and you will appreciate the decision you take to go for it.

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