White Boy Problems
Cultures of Dignity

Just give the kid a safe space and some crayons, and all will be well.

No, he’ll never be a man, and no, he’ll never go through life with manly virtues, such as bravery, courage, determination and the like.

But he’ll be a cuck — -so it’s all good.

Except when ISIS comes along. Then, he’ll just stick his neck out and meekly await the knife. He will look in vain for men who aren’t uncomfortable with their privilege, don’t give a rat’s ass about SJWS, and who will do battle with those who seek to dominate THEM. IOW someone to rescue him.

Sorry: you fucked-up SJWs, this is what you get when you seek to alter human nautre.

You wymyn can look on, of course, until it’s your turn under the knife.

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