Moving on from Mint

A few months ago I decided to leave Mint. Yesterday was my last day.

Making the decision to move on was the hardest decision I’ve ever made. I co-founded Mint 12 years ago. I’ve loved every minute of the journey, and I’ll cherish the memories and the experiences. Above all, I feel blessed to have worked with so many amazing people, making products that we’re proud of.

Thank you Mint

Mint is special, and it’s the people that make it special. We grow and learn because of the people around us. My fellow directors have been pivotal and essential figures in my life. All the Mint strategists, designers, engineers, testers, marketers, and finance folks have helped me to be better, and I’m eternally grateful. Thank you to everyone I’ve ever worked with at Mint. You’re all legends.

Why I’m moving on

The following three things are what I told the Mint board, so I’ll share the same words here:

  1. My brother passing away in August 2014 changed me on the inside in some way. It changed the way that my head and my heart react to the world.
  2. Working with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation exposed me to a new kind of audience in the paralysis community, made up of people and families in an often desperate situation needing to rebuild their lives.
  3. During my six weeks out in Israel in 2015, the thing I kept thinking about is how I want to spend my limited days and how I want to contribute to the world through my work.

What’s next

This is the fuzzy bit. I know I want to work in the non-profit, or “tech for good” space, but I don’t know exactly what that’s going to look like yet. The plan now is to take a few months out to figure out what’s next.

If anyone fancies a chat, pop me an email.