What I’m up to, in case anyone fancies a cuppa

Moomintroll :)

Since moving on from Mint, I’ve decided to spend the next few months doing three things:

1. Being helpful and generous

This means offering my time to help worthwhile projects, either with brain or brawn (or both). Like dropping off food and volunteering in Calais, and running a Code Club. I have more time to volunteer, so I’m open to suggestions.

2. Talking with friends

This means casual chats with existing friends or new friends. I’m interested in social entrepreneurship, social impact and tech for good. It would be great to say hello.

3. Nudging ideas forward

This means developing one or two things I’ve been thinking about. For example, one thing I’m exploring is how we can provide a better design education for kids. Loads is being done for tech, but very little for design. More to come.

A separate thing I need to do is write down what I’m good at. Just in case it’s useful to anyone. I’m open to working with others on an existing project, if the right opportunity comes along.

If you fancy a cuppa, email me :)