IA#4 Museum Visit 1


Juan Luna || Oil on Canvas

The canvas depicts a solemn picture of dead gladiators being dragged by the roman soldiers. I believe that the painting tells that there are people less fortunate than others and see things from a different perspective. People that are fortunate enough to have the daily necessities should use them wisely. It also portrays the sufferings many Filipinos experienced in the hands of the Spanish years ago. Although this piece is very popular, I still chose this because of its value and depth in meaning, how it silently conveys what the Filipinos feel when the Spaniards were abusing the citizens. It is vexing that even though it is our country and we are the citizens of the Philippines, we are under the rule of foreigners.

Graveyard Scene

Carlos Valino, Jr. || Oil on Canvas

How the color was dark and the way it was painted , it perfectly depicts the gloomy and heavy atmosphere of the scene. I found it painful to look at this artwork due to its theme and my own experiences when I was in a similar situation. It is a given that one day, we will die. But seeing your loved ones suffering or dying is terrifying. I believe that it is scary because we are not really sure what is there beyond death, whether we will suffer or finally attain peace and solidarity. There are many artworks of similar theme, but I think this one is one of the best.

Death March

Dominador Castañeda || Oil on Canvas

It depicts the event that happened during World War II. Thousands of Filipinos were forced to march many miles going to the prison camp. Along the way, many people died due to dehydration, sickness, starvation, etc. It just shows what war can do to people; no one is actually safe from the trauma and suffering. Even if you’re just watching people suffer, it still negatively affects you. It is a chaotic and maddening time for the people. It made me realize how important words are, that it may invoke peace or war in terms of diplomatic affairs. It also made me realize the duties and responsibilities of our government officials in making sure that no war will occur again.

El Gobernador y el Obispo

Felix Hidalgo || Oil on Canvas

The painting depicts how the friar is pressuring or influencing the governor of Dasmariñas. It conveys how the ones really in control of the government back then was actually the friars and not the people assigned in the position. This also tells us how much hardship the people are experiencing that time; they cannot do what they wanted to do and are being dictated what they have to do. It just made me realize how much suffering people have to undergo in order for them to finally realize “this has to end”, which is still happening today. People are being abused in their home, at school, at work, or anywhere else. It didn’t stop. It is a global epidemic that still hasn’t been resolve but we have to, eventually.

Hills of Nikko

Jose T. Joya || Oil on Canvas

I have read that it depicts the imperfections of the hills of Nikko, similar to us humans. I believe that it tells us that like the painting, humans will always be imperfect, but being imperfect does not mean it does not exude beauty. Imperfections, in its own way have its natural beauty. We have weaknesses but it does not that we do not have strengths, we have our negative aspects but is does mean that we do not have kindness. It all boils down to how we much we can embrace our imperfections. This reminded me of humans will never be perfect, but it’s okay because imperfections make us strive to become better. Because being perfect means that there is no more room for improvements.

Planting of the First Cross

Vicente Silva Manansala || Oil on Canvas

The picture shows how the first cross is being planted on the ground. This painting actually reminded me of Jesus Christ as he was nailed on the cross of Calvary. And through that memory, this painting made me realize how people seen as criminals back them was condemned. Humans can be cruel. It tells me how I was saved by Jesus, whom many saw as a criminal and how He lived as a human for a while. Through the painting, it can be said that there are different natures and sides of men. The nature of goodness may be in the form of people helping others while the person they are helping are being condemned. Humans’ ill nature, although not explicitly shown, was evident through their ways of torture. Although this painting reminded me more on the negative side of men, I still believe in the goodness of the humans.


Vicente Silva Manansala || Oil on Jute

The painting depicts people carrying on their backs of what seemed like a bahay kubo. In the Philippines, doing something for other people without anything in return is called “Bayanihan”. Since Filipinos are known for being hospitable and generous, this action is common back then. Truthfully, it is not as common nowadays. When you are doing something for something, it is almost always expected that there must be something to be given in return. It is saddening that because of poverty and different economic problems are affecting even Filipino values and ways. This changes are also happening because of the increasing number of entertainment in which people are becoming more busy with rather than helping others.

Portrait of a Lady

Juan Luna y Novicio || Oil on Panel

The picture shows an image of a gentle lady holding a cross. I believe that back then, women are thought of as prim and proper and very religious. Because of that notion, women have to restrict themselves back then. This painting can also be said as the ideal woman back in the days. Women are expected to only stay at home to do chores and to pray for their husbands. Now, people are more open to the idea that women can do many things that men can’t. They are more empowered now to pursue career or their choice, to dress however they like and to act however they want. Through the years, women became powerful and really empowered.

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