IA#5 Honor Thy Father (Film Reflection)

  1. What role does the characters’ religion play in the narrative of the film?

The character’s religion is said to be something like a cult that makes people believe in false hope and salvation. It represents people’s tendency to believe what can offer them comfort in times of need. It also shows the Filipino mentality of leaving everything to God; this was shown by Kaye’s attitude when they are already in a pinch. She believes that “Yeshua” will save them and that a miracle will happen to them. In our country in which many are devout to their religious beliefs, it is almost imperative that each person’s god are incorporated in their daily lives which leaves the smaller percentage of people who do not believe gods or even if they do believe, they do not have any religion, to be discriminated. But as shown in the film, whether a person has a religion/god or not, they still commit sins. The people who rummaged their home were also their fellow parishioners, but they treated them harshly when they found out that the money is missing. Overall, whether you have a religion or not, you need to live with dignity and respect to other people. In contrast to how the film portrays the role of religion, it serves the society in a way that people would live morally and with spiritual support.

  1. Describe the practices/ beliefs of that particular religion.

Many of practices shown in the film are similar with other religions. They worship their lord with lively music while everyone is singing. They have offerings to build churches and to support their church activities. They believe that the one true god is Yeshua to which they believe will save the people and will provide their needs and salvation. They also believe that everything that happens is the will of Yeshua and the challenges people are having can be solved through the help of Yeshua. These practices are also being done by some religions today, although the film portrayed these practices as negative or cult-like, it is different in reality. Yes, there is a saying that everything happens for a reason, many believe that this also applies to the hardships of people. But there is also a belief that says “nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa”. This means that God is always merciful to the people who are doing the works. In real life, the beliefs and practices done in the film are quite common and important in the spiritual life of many. And while it is true that sometimes everything seems wrong, we cannot always blame God or religion for that because we are the ones that determine our own future, we are the ones that control our actions. Our future is the result of our past and present actions.

  1. Personal Reaction to the film.

I think it really portrays how people see religion as a support in their lives and how devoted some people are in terms of their own beliefs. In the story, the John Lloyd Cruz beautifully played the role of the practical father named Edgar. He denied how religion and beliefs cannot save you at all times, that rather than hoping for a salvation, you need to save yourself from the challenges. His wife, on the other hand, is a representation of how people cling to hopes and prayers when everything goes against them. It portrays Filipinos in a way that when we are stuck and have nothing more to do, we pray to God for help and guidance. Although some people find comfort in having that hope, it does not work that way for other people.

In our country, where being an atheist or somewhere along those lines, is more often than not subjected to discrimination and criticism, the movie is quite refreshing. It is not common in Filipino movies that religion plays a role that is seen as a cult rather than hope. Moreover, the main character himself is detached to the idea that religion is the solution to their problems, and he is not fond that his wife is devoted to it as seen in his behavior when they were at the church and everyone was singing and praising but he was just standing and watching beside his wife. This was further supported when he told Kaye that “God” will not help them. This was movie full of challenges for the main character and the ending was quite surprising. It shows how life can be cruel to anyone, whether having a god or not.