Noble Bank International — The Next-Generation Bank Designed For FX & OTC Post-Trade Services

  1. Simplify the post-trade workflows for FX and OTC transactions
  2. Connect institutional participants in a Peer-to-Peer manner
  3. Reduce risk and cost by creating transparency and enabling real-time clearing, netting and settlement

Lowering the Barrier

  • A lengthy and often complicated process to set up credit relationships
  • Fragmented and restricted credit between participants
  • Expensive cost and capital barriers for participants
Here’s a quick breakdown of the Noble FX service, and how we have reduced the friction in the FX markets and enabled broader access to post-trade services.

Integrating the Banking Layer

  • We don’t put client assets at risk
  • We enable clients to use their assets as collateral to support transactions
  • Our entire platform is run with real-time reconciliation

NBI Settlement Insurance



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Noble Bank International

Noble Bank International

Noble Bank International is a non-fractional reserve bank that enables clients to clear, net and settle spot FX and OTC transactions in real-time.