Amusing Rides

Roller coasters wheeze past kids sucking caramel apples. Cotton candy machines spin sweet cobwebs onto paper sticks. Lollipop licks mask strange eyes. Alluring smile and charismatic gait conceal his face.

Balloon animals lure innocent laughs. Twisted giraffe cranes for her to play twisted games. He passes the twisted charm to her little hands. Her hands still play with dolls. Dolls still play in her dreams.

Her pink polka-dotted fairy dress rustles as she follows his shadow. He holds her hand, hers sticky with cotton candy.

Night falls around vehicles with flashing lights and teams with investigative jackets. Enforcers of law discuss the lawless. Smudges of powdered sugar lace the glass. Two drops of blood settle cozily into the ceramic floor near the urinal.

Yellow tape creates a maze into his wonderland. Caution.