NIS First Day of School 2016–2017 ☘

It’s time for school again! ( ノ^.^)ノ゚

New environment, new teachers, new books, new lessons to learn, new goals to be accomplished and everything that a student anticipates will get into a new level. ★

Look at all those excited students warmly welcomed by the school faculty and officers early in the morning! =)

Students may have enjoyed summer vacation but being back to school is definitely incomparable.

You’ll get to meet your friends again and be classmates with new ones. This is how exciting being back to school is!

Some are probably feeling excited while others may be feeling somewhat shy or nervous because of a new set of environment, but that’s definitely normal in the first few weeks.

Noblesse International School on its first day of classes this year 2016–2017 is a fascinating one!

There goes these cute little children having their lunch break and being friends with one another! ✿✿✿

From the school’s entrance all the way to the bulletin board instructions, the Headmaster was assisting every parent and student who comes in.

He introduces himself to everyone with a really warm and cheerful greeting on his face.

Employees and teachers are all waiting for their advisees. Everyone was so energetic in welcoming the students and meeting the parents.
(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

In addition to this, bulletin boards are really interesting that it catches the attention of those who are passing by.

From this point onwards, everyone is about to begin building new friendships and gaining new educational experiences.

Good luck with our N.I.S. students this year!


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