Students Orientation S.Y. 2016–2017 ☘

Facilities? Check. ✔

Teachers? Check. ✔

Rules and regulations? Check. ✔

Students? Well, definitely check! ✔

Students are one of the most important components of school for they are the main reason why schools are established throughout the world. ( *v* )

Students excitedly gathered as the admin and faculty staffs warmly welcomes them ✺◟(∗^o^∗)◞✺

To give them a fruitful experience this school year 2016–2017, N.I.S. had prepared an orientation for the students.

This is a nice opportunity owing to the fact that they get to meet and know more about the school’s Head Master and his plans throughout the year.

It includes offering them the maximum fun with meaningful activities.

(^ o ^)/ ***

It’s wonderful how the Head Master is so energetic in sharing school’s set of plans and events to everyone. ツ

They also get to meet the new designated coordinators and new staffs whom they’ll be interacting with every day.

Having to know each member of the staff makes it easier for the students to gain positive relations.

New set of prepared events and activities were introduced to the students as well as the do’s and don’ts within the school premises.

One can really see how excited these students are and everyone’s anticipating a blissful and productive year!

٩꒰。•‿•。꒱۶ ٩꒰。•‿•。꒱۶ ٩꒰。•‿•。꒱۶

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