Five Great Tips to Help You Find the Best E-Juice in the UK

If we know how to find it, you might be wondering why we don’t just give you the name of the best e-juice in the UK. That’s simple. There is no “best e-liquid in the UK”. The best depends on various factors, and in particular on your preferences.

We have written this article with the aim of providing you with the information needed for you to make the best choice of juice FOR YOU. Today, we will help you to work out how to choose your favourite e-juice.

1. Choose a Juice with the Right Nicotine Content

First, if the reason that you’ve taken up vaping is that you want to stop smoking, then the right choice of juice will contain enough nicotine to provide you the hit that you’re no longer getting from your cigarettes.

E-juice in the UK comes in various nicotine strengths, ranging from 0mg (for the non-smokers, ex-smokers, or soon to be ex-smokers) to 24mg (for very heavy smokers — up to 60 a day).

Most of you will need to choose an e-juice with strengths between the two extremes.

2. Choose a Juice with the Right Throat Hit

The best e liquid UK for you will hit the back of your throat just as you like it. For some of you, this means a harsh hit to the back of your throat. For others amongst you, you’ll prefer a gentle hit to the back of your throat.

The degree of the throat hit depends on the juice’s PG content (propylene glycol). A high PG will give you a harsher hit. A lower PG will give you a gentler hit.

3. Choose a Juice with the Right Mellowness and Cloud-Making Capabilities

If you prefer a mellow hit, that’s flavoursome, sweet, and laid back, then you need to pay attention to the juices vegetable glycerine (VG) content. The higher the VG content, the mellower the hit will be.

The best thing about a high VG content is the plumes. If you want to make fat clouds/plumes when vaping, then you need a high VG content. The higher the VG is, the bigger your clouds. When you see those people blowing huge vape rings, it’s because their juice has a high VG content.

4. Get the Flavour Right

In the UK, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different flavours of vape juice available. Think about which flavours you tend to like in general, and then look for juices that may contain that flavour. For example, if you love strawberries, look for a strawberry e-juice. The more common the flavour (e.g. strawberry), the more easily you’ll be able to find one that has the previous three qualities to your liking.

5. Experiment with Different Juices

Finally, the best way for you to find the best e liquid UK is to experiment with different juices. Try a little bit of everything to work out which combinations work best for you. You’ll soon find your favourite juices.

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