Obsessively Collecting Data

3 min readAug 17, 2023

Boxed by systems they’ve built. Cornered by our choice to follow.

AI is present. It’s not going away. It will be less and less visible to human senses as it learns to camouflage and manipulate our feelings and politics for better or for worse.

The global unleashing of AI, regardless of a few governmental attempts as exceptions, has made many of us think, “Well, what does that make us?”

Have we gone from a “who” to a “what”?

Nobody = Nothing?

Are we suffering the consequences of others’ prisoner’s dilemmas perhaps including our own? What would be left of Nobody would only be chaos and dust.

minus consciousness

Are we just matter that doesn’t matter —

We’re born. We absorb data. We release data. Repeat. Expire.

Now there are these super machines. They absorb data. They release data. Repeat. Expiration date: TBD

In the same way we credit and give power to our beliefs, the only thing I think 😅 separating us from machine besides our expiration dates is our feelings for the following:

Children, our future, the very ones that are being raised by tablets right now, are very likely to choose the “free” option and give consent to their data in return. They are the most likely to click “accept” or “agree” on anything and without reading in order to get to the next page. Trial and error have guided many 3-year-olds to emotionally stabilizing colorful videos and happy music. This is Manufacturing Consent today. It only takes the push of a button. And AI is the processed supercharged result of everything we ever shared with mainstream internet anythings. “Processed”, because there are still humans working for themselves or companies to arrange the colorful lights and feed it back to the machine under a motive.

Our hate, our likes, our comments…are they really ours or were they designed? Today, with criticism trending, it’s shoulders-loads to filter what’s worth our seemingly endless supply of judgement. Our feelings are currency for the modern business as some of us fight for survival, some play for power, and some of us do both.

It’s all confusing with a million voices adamantly defining what’s right, wrong, better, worse — including my own. The voices and my own OCD which have inspired this collection sort of blend into these thoughts about consumerism’s effects on our health and world economy. Packaging wants, delivering diseases, pitching magic pills. I don’t dare to say all of it was planned, but here we are as seller, buyer, collector, and sometimes, all of the above. From cancer to climate change, many of us and the systems that govern us are not keen on the thought of sacrificing the dollar or moving a bit more muscle to go out of our way and avoid using cheap, reliable plastics.

We aren’t nothing.

In the coming collection, hoping to carry questions that can be asked about who we are in the modern world. What do we obsess about? What does packaging really entail? Are we so disorderly that we’re ok with the slow intoxication of ourselves through our environment?

Thanks for hearing my biodegradable thinkings,

OCD Nobody

more to come in about 10 days




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