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It’s no secret anymore — remote work makes for a great professional and personal life, and some of the most talented creative and technical specialists in the world choose to work outside the office. Business owners and hiring managers have noticed the shift in the employment landscape, are beginning to embrace remote hires, too.

In fact, some of the biggest companies in the world are now hiring remote workers on a regular basis, which will continue to make it tougher for organizations that refuse to offer remote staff to grab the best talent.

If you’re a remote worker, how can you find the best remote jobs on the market? How can you prepare for an interview for a project done remotely, and is there a difference in the hiring process between a “regular” office job and a remote one? …

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Have you ever attended WordCamp? WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything related to WordPress and WordPress development. You should really look for one near you! Not only will you learn a lot, but you will also meet many awesome people! These informal, community-organized events are put together by people connected with WordPress, and in the spirit of open source, they support everyone from casual bloggers to core development experts. Remember to join the after-party, you will fall in love with the exceptionally friendly atmosphere!

Developers all around the world love WordPress. The question we often get is, why do developers and users alike prefer WordPress? …

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Remote working has changed; increasing dramatically over the last decade — but many forget that remote work, in its most general sense, has had a long, rich, and storied history.

Long before you and I started working freelance, during the industrial era, a spectrum of varied, skilled tradespeople, like carpenters, farmers, and blacksmiths, often had their work places attached to their homes. Only after the Industrial Revolution did big, automated machines necessitate factory working — and the dreaded commute. With administrative support staff soon following, the “office life” was born.

As a result, for hundreds of years, working from home was considered a novelty, a joke, and even a pipedream. In 2016, it became so mainstream that 3.7 million US workers now work from home at least half of the time. …



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