There is a chance….

There is a chance that you may think I’m a bitch.
That you may think to yourself “How dare she!”
“How dare she say no!”
“How dare she stand up for herself!”
“How dare she not do want I want her to!”

There is a chance that I may offend you.
That I may force you to question what you think is true.
That my veganism, my confidence, my debt free journey, my trials, my voice, my resistance, my strength, my stubbornness may rub you the wrong way because it goes against what you believe to be true about me, about women, about the world.

There is a chance that you may not want me around.
That you wish that I would just shut up, go along, not make waves.
And because I don’t, the next easiest thing for you to do it dismiss me.
Instead of you looking in the mirror it is easier for you to build a wall between us so you don’t have to see me or examine yourself.

There is a chance that I may anger you.
That you may feel that I push too much and that it is your duty to push back.
You may judge me because you feel as though I am judging you.
You don’t know that I too am just a person trying to find their path in this world and that if I push too hard it because I long for connection that comes from sharing and being vulnerable with another person.

There is a chance that you may feel all of these negative things……but……
There is chance that you might lean into the awkwardness. That you might actually listen, then share, then listen, then share.
There is a chance that you may examine your truths to find out which ones are truly yours and which ones you have just been carrying around for others.

There is a chance that my joy can spread and that you too may feel the courage and strength to break out of the box that surrounds you. That you can see me dancing in the sun and know that there is enough light for us all.

There is a chance that we can continue to make small steps towards a more fulfilled life. That we may challenge each other and also give each other room to grow. That you may see the good and bad in me and it be okay. That you may hold on when I need your strength and let go when I have my own.

There is a chance…and it is a chance that I am willing to take.

-Leolin Bowen

Originally posted on on 10/16/15

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