I Wasn’t There, So Let Me Give You My Opinion

A Fantastic Opinion Piece by Yet Another Random Person Claiming to Be a Writer

This is not me. But it could have been. Source (CC0)

What happened is outrageous. I can’t wrap my head around it, and I wish the facts were more abundant and especially I wish things were clear and simple. As it turns out, the longer I wait with writing down my anguish and my desire to vent my emotions, the harder it gets to even get an opinion about this. In a few hours, the whole internet will be full of responses, and no-one will ever care anymore about someone who feels something about something. And tomorrow it will definitely be too late. New things will have happened, and I will have new opinions. Therefore I see no other way but to share this with you, right now. Even though the reports, besides the one Tweet by some fake account, are not yet available.

And until it is proven and reported on by all the required media outlets, the source is fake. But that doesn’t mean you can’t already have an opinion! That’s the difficulty in today’s world, fake opinions are just as common as real opinions. Many tweeters and writers just want to write something in order to have written it. Many writers call themselves journalists, but be honest. They just sit behind their desk sipping cappuccinos and jumping at every little wave in the stream of the internet. Unless they work for the big guns, but then they no longer have real opinions either, they just shit whatever is force-fed to them. And then there are also those who write as part of a blogging farm, where they put out stuff about things that haven’t even happened. Yet. Nobody cares. Everybody is too much focused on having their own opinion about their own lives.

I don’t agree. I don’t agree with this whole thing, with how people talk about it. I don’t agree with the people who allowed this to happen, with the consequences for other people who had nothing to do with this. But most of all I disagree with all those opinions that I’m sure people will have about all of this. The indignation. The people who will use this to further their own cause. It’s sickening. It disgusts me.

That I need to disagree, is because that is the only real starting point of any opinion. If you agree you are not interesting. I also object to the classification of this event, how it is dealt with, how people frame the reality of it. They weren’t there. They have no idea. I wasn’t there either, so let me tell you what’s actually going on: Nothing.

Nothing is going on that wasn’t already going on yesterday. Just like tomorrow.

For either you believe the world is dying and we keep trying to save it. Or you don’t believe any of that and you just focus on things you can know. Like your own opinion about that new product you might go and buy. Like that new marketing campaign. Like that guy who tweets and shouts and only does things in secret.

What’s going on? You still want to know? What is happening is that I want to be free from opinions for a while. Yes, even from my own.

Where to start… Anyone an opinion about that?

Source (CC0)