How to make a delicious chicken curry

I got this recipe from my Indian friends, Vik and Piya, who live in Baltimore. I calculated the distance with Google and it is 18,495 km.

This is the recipe from my friends:

First go to a very good Indian supermarket

Then take a look around the supermarket:

Look at your ingredients and get the supplies. Make sure you get the best!

Then pay for the food:

Wate fore the guy to give you the change

Then go to a butcher and get chicken without bones:

It looks like it will be delicious!

First chop the ginger:

Next fry the onions. Add the cumin seeds when the onions turn brown:

Add the ginger:

When the onions are cooked add the tomatoes to the pan:

Then add the turmeric powder in the bowl to the pan:

Then add the raw chicken pieces:

Stir the chicken. Let it cook 40 minutes:

When it is ready serve the curry to your family. Serve basmati rice with it:

Finally you can enjoy the delicious curry!