This happened because of me apparently.
Questionable Origin

I know there are a lot of diverse problems in the world today. Unfortunately the only intelligent comment I have heard about 2016 is from a man named Gideon Silver, who said, people have stopped listening to each other.

The original poster is saying, Hey you people have made your list of problems and they are the only ones that are talked about. I can not deal with your global problems when I have these smaller problems that are taking up all my time. What about my problems? They may not be of global importance but they are mine. Can you at least acknowledge them? Maybe give them some consideration? At least let me feel you also care about me?

Along comes MR. Questionable Origin and says back, Your personal problems aren’t important I will only deal with higher problems. All of us have to take a back seat until these immense problems are solved. What good will it do to solve the small problems if the world becomes an unlivable place or a place where life is not worth living for large sections of people? By solving these problems I am trying to make your life better along with everybody else’s life.

There is no discussion here or attempt to understand or take consideration or maybe even try to find a better way by thinking together.

If this doesn’t change soon all our lives will become a see-saw of each side gaining power and undoing everything the previous side has accomplished.

I hope you all enjoy living in a world where nothing changes.

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