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Adding support for GET Protocol on the Nocks exchange & broker services
Jun 5, 2019 · 4 min read

It’s a nice morning at the end of March when we receive an e-mail from one of our partners. He had a nice chat with blockchain developer Kasper Keunen from GET Protocol and GUTS Tickets. Our name came up, because there seems to be some overlap in approach to the cryptocurrency space and doing things as vanilla as possible — plus they’ve been looking to list GET on more exchange for ages without the crazy listing fees and mandatory market making. We get a request to connect.

Trade GET Protocol directly with EUR now at!

Friday, April 5th — A phone call between Kasper, Maarten (GET Protocol / GUTS) and Roel (Nocks) occurs. They chat about exuberant listing fees, volume, the iDeal certificate that Nocks received, a possible listing for GET Protocol, regulators and share some anecdotes left and right about the cryptocurrency space. A good start and to make sure everything is clear on both ends — to manage expectations — a meetup is arranged at GUTS Tickets HQ in Amsterdam.

Tuesday, April 23rd — Nocks founders Patrick & Roel meetup at GUTS Tickets HQ with Kasper and Maarten. Immediately the vibe is good. Their operation is dead serious in its goals and ambitions — but keeps a level head about them. There’s no promise of immense volume and the Nocks founders share their experience with support load of eager cryptocurrency buyers and sellers. As this would be the first time any interested party in the GET Protocol would be able to get it via a simple iDeal transaction or simply valuing it directly against EUR instead of going with a different cryptocurrency pair in between (like ETH or BTC).

We have some experience in that regard. When we opened the doors of our exchange October 3rd 2017, we had one market pair. The NLG-EUR market. It was the first time that a direct valuation of Gulden could happen against a price in EUR instead of in BTC — which had its own fluctuations and hassle. This fits right in our wheelhouse. A Dutch blockchain project with realistic goals and a realistic approach to growth and marketing and be as transparent as possible about them.

After the meetup we took a closer look. We had already decided to open the GET Protocol market after the opening of our ETH and LTC markets, but it became more fun to follow GUTS & GET as a whole now that we would become a part of their ecosystem.

Podcasts with Maarten Bloemers (GUTS CEO) are a good way to get acquainted with the company and their vision for GET Protocol.

  • Blockchain Realisten with Maarten Bloemers (Dutch), click here
  • Satoshi Radio with Maarten Bloemers (Dutch), click here

Trade GET Protocol directly with EUR now at!

Following the GUTS Tickets blockchain application

Nocks has been following GUTS Tickets, the first application that uses GET Protocol, since its inception. Though it was only until we decided to start expanding our exchange to support more market pairs that we looked upon a possible listing for GET Protocol. While we were busy becoming a Small Payments Institution and obtaining our iDeal certificate they were handling all event tickets for Jochem Meyer, Guus Meeuwis, Youp van ‘t Hek and many more.

Now that Nocks has its iDeal certificate and can process B2B transactions for Dutch merchants, there is a unique opportunity to implement and service makers, pioneers and innovators with both Trading & Payments. GUTS Tickets being a prime example of why our combination of services work so great. On one hand we have the underlying blockchain protocol of the GUTS Tickets app that is now tradable directly against EUR. On the other hand you have event organizers looking to sell event tickets and are in need of a payment provider processing those payments. Thanks to the amazing backend of GUTS that iDeal option will soon be available to the smaller event organizers as well.

Why the smaller ones? Because we want to gain more experience as a payment service provider and don’t want to mock up a ticket sale of say Jochem Meyer that sells out his shows with +- 60.000 tickets in 2 hours. The more we learn, the better we get — so we can eventually handle that kind of payments madness.

It fits the realistic approach to what now and what’s next. Something that we like about how GUTS runs their company. The long haul. Our collective agreement on how inverted the world of cryptocurrency is. Where running and realistic projects get less funding and receive less recognition than big talk and unrealistic hype. There’s some hilarity in that and it’s good to have a laugh about it every now and then while we all work our butts off.

We’re looking forward to being a vast and valuable part of the GUTS ánd GET Protocol ecosystem.

Did you know that has its own utility token? This blog describes NCKS Utility as best as possible and you’ll find our roadmap here, but feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Buy GET Protocol using iDeal & Bancontact at

Let’s trade it!

We feel the GET Protocol listing on is a special one. It deviates from the norm, while adding value to our exchange by adding a EUR-pairing that doesn’t exist anywhere else. It also gives GET Protocol access to a new or bigger user-base. One that feels connected to their mission and to its allied startup GUTS Tickets, but doesn’t have that same feel for buying a crypto to buy a crypto.

Let’s trade it!

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