Let’s start a trading party!

Mar 3 · 1 min read

Got Gulden, want to stimulate trading on the cryptocurrency’s market — but don’t know how? Become a Nocks contributor and let’s start a party!

1) We’re offering 500,000 NCKS, at 15 Gulden per NCKS token.

2) Minimum order is 100 NCKS, costing 1500 Gulden.

3) Now, how does this benefit all of us? Here goes, with the example of buying 1000 NCKS

3a) You pay 15000 Gulden for the tokens
3b) You buy back your spent Gulden on the market (here)
3c) No danger of an instant dump from purchase through this party
3d) No danger for us dumping the NLG, because we HODL!
3e) Buying pressure on the NLG market ánd NCKS in your balance! Win-win :)

4) The trading party ends March 31st 2020.

Additional fun? Sure! If we sell out the complete 500,000 NCKS of this party starter. We’ll burn an additional 100,000 tokens 🥳

How does it work? Easy. Email us through nocks.com/support with the desire to buy and how much NCKS you want to buy with Gulden. We’ll reply ASAP to process the trade :) If you have any questions, just use the same support link to get in touch. We’ll get back to you!

Let the party commence!

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