Nocks at SMC050 Blockchain

On the 20th of February we celebrated Nocks’ 1 year anniversary. We celebrated in a local bar in Groningen called ‘Kroeg van Klaas’ with about 20 people. Two days later SMC050 organized a very interesting evening about the blockchain with keynotes from Lykle de Vries and Rutger van Zuidam.

We spoke to a lot of people that evening. Very exciting! Sharing ideas and showing people how easy the Gulden for iOS app works, the app that has an important Nocks feature built in. Gulden for Android, with that same look, feel and functionality as iOS will be available in March.

We also gave a few people a sneak-peek of Nocks Checkout, the service that our merchants are going to use, but mostly explained what you can do with the Gulden iOS app.

As a user you aren’t confronted with the underlying technology. It works, it is cheaper, faster and accessible. It’s without friction. All very important ingredients for a fast and healthy adoption-rate. And we’re definitely on the right track as far as adoption goes.

Thanks to everyone that showed interest and, of course, thank you to SMC050 for organizing this great blockchain event.

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