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We have a lot of cool stuff in the works, but it’s always best to show what you’re working on. Here’s our global Roadmap to give you some insight as to what we’re working on at Nocks and are planning to release.

Tokens are now traded at —

Nocks Escrow: Safely buy and sell online

We’re working on our own in-house Escrow service, utilizing our payment gateway and our trading infrastructure to help people buy and sell goods & services safely online. With a verified Nocks account requirement for the seller and a smart way to engage in online trading of goods & services it will add another great use of our entire infrastructure.

Supported payment methods buyers will be able to pay with are Gulden, iDeal, Nocks Balance & SEPA wire transfer.

ETA: Q3 2019

Opening new cryptocurrency markets

On May 15th we’ll launch the Litecoin markets on our exchange and on June 5th a very special listing will occur. Nocks is going to partner up with an upcoming Dutch blockchain app that fits perfectly into our Trading & Payments services. We’re very excited about this and the official announcement will happen on May 31st.

Apart from opening new cryptocurrency markets on our exchange, we’re also going to make some changes to our onboarding. We’re going to make the IBAN verification optional, which will allow new users to sign up from all over the world to trade on our exchange. They won’t be able to deposit or withdraw any fiat funds, that’s the catch.

ETA: Q3 2019

Gunning for the Currency Exchange License

Obtaining licenses is one of the hardest, most time consuming and yet valuable things we can gun for at the moment. We’re planning to go for more licenses, but let’s take it one step at a time. Starting with the Currency Exchange License.

A Currency Exchange License offers Nocks a way to list foreign currencies on Nocks Trade. Offering USD, GBP and other currency pairs. Not just to list for example ETH-USD, but also to list Forex pairs through our channels. This would mean Nocks would be able to offer a full forex exchange listing both cryptocurrencies and fiat pairs, i.e. EUR-USD alongside ETH-EUR.

ETA: Q2 2020

Unique NCKS Utility holder features

Developing everything in-house gives us full control over what and how we want something to work. By introducing NCKS Utility to our platform, we can offer our users more than just another token to trade. We can offer actual platform perks. Alongside the fee discount and early access to apps there will be some unique platform features only available to NCKS Utility holders.

Access to market making

Get rewarded for making the books as a market maker. As a NCKS Utility holder you get access to becoming a market maker, which means you will be rewarded half the taker-fee per filled order for ensuring the order books on your preferred trading market always have bids and asks. No need for any programming knowledge, all you need is available funds!

ETA: Q3 2019

Automatically buy your favorite cryptocurrencies every month

Because we offer a unique combination of payments, broker and trading services. We can also make it easy for you to constantly and periodically re-invest in your favorite cryptocurrencies for a set budget. As a NCKS Utility token holder you get access to put together a package of crypto’s you want to buy every month for a set budget.

ETA: Q4 2019

Automatically convert Gulden Witness Interest to your IBAN

Earning interest with Gulden’s Witness functionality is great (learn more here). What could make it even better is automatically having your interest converted to EUR and then sent to your verified IBAN.

ETA: Q4 2019

Portfolio performance insight

Keep track of your account activity and how you’re performing. Nocks portfolio performance insight automatically keeps track of your buys, sells and trade activity to provide you with real-time data on how you’re performing.

ETA: Q2 2020

Tokens are now traded at —

Nocks Accelerator: Token Launch Platform

A token launch platform for curated blockchain projects and startups. Our own NCKS Utility IEO is just the first step towards housing the best tokens and cryptocurrencies under one roof. With Nocks Accelerator we will host IEO’s for proven & promising projects.

ETA: Q4 2019

A mobile trading app for iOS & Android

Every exchange needs a mobile presence. We offer a responsive website, of course, but it doesn’t offer the same experience a mobile app would. That’s why we’re developing our dedicated mobile app for iOS & Android so you can trade on our exchange through the convenience of a mobile app. One of the cool perks this offers over the web-interface (apart from having a fully dedicated trading environment on your mobile) is push notifications for order triggers, price alerts and many other notifiers. All you would need to get started with the app is your verified Nocks account.

ETA: Q1 2020

We’re always moving forward

Our roadmap is full and ambitious, but that’s the way we like it. It’s always a challenge to keep performing and constantly deliver everything we set our minds to. This roadmap is subject to change, items on it may get postponed or cancelled — completely reimagined. That’s the nature of business, but change is as common as it’s stubborn. So we’ll just keep pushing forward to cover ground on our roadmap. We hope you’re along for the ride!

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We process payments for makers, innovators & pioneers. We offer a full European cryptocurrency exchange.

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