October, what have you done?!

Normally we reserve these types of posts for the end of each quarter. We just have to share the crazy month we’ve had at Nocks. In a crazy good way.

Bursting at the seams

Growing pains is something every startup craves, because it means your product or service is being picked up faster than you’ve anticipated. And running a company isn’t about how things go when things are going well, but when things are going too fast. It was safe to say that Nocks was bursting at the seams, at one point handeling over 2000 support emails in 4 days, gaining 3400 users in those same 4 days and automating several processes to help everyone (and ourselves) a lot better (and give us some time to breathe). When the dust settled we thought something was wrong, because everything was so quiet and working so smooth the support once roared now resembled crickets.

The stats!

Our initial goal of reaching 250 000 euros volume in one of the last quarter’s months was smashed to bits by a 2.94 million euro volume (transactions processed) in October alone. A thousand verified users? Make that 4318 at the end of October. The one item on our milestone list that remains for this quarter is; Install Nocks Checkout at 50 merchants. We’re confident we’ll come near that milestone by the end of this year though.

Eyes ahead

Amazing month, but eyes head. Because our goal isn’t raking in the most ridiculous amounts of volume, however exciting it may be. Our goal remains to redefine the financial landscape. Part of that goal is growing in numbers, but also growing in function — so we’ll continue to improve our platform. Because every bit of improvement means we get one step closer to that achievement.

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