Renewed price action & our Partnership with Novo
Feb 9 · 4 min read

Let’s start this first blog of the year with the happy announcement that our Nocks Trade mobile app is live in the App Store and Google Play Store. Simply download the app on your preferred device, log into your Nocks account and you’re now on Nocks mobile!

Nocks Trade app for iOS and Android available!

Renewed price action on Gulden

Gulden saw some nice renewed price action over the past couple of weeks, gaining more than 200% since last December. Make sure you are up to date and ask your questions through the Gulden support and social channels.

GET Protocol making moves

GET Protocol is having a blast with their product as their allied GUTS Tickets is signing new deal after new deal. Concluding an incredible first month of the new year. Find out more on their social channels.

Bitcoin having a ball

Trade Bitcoin

Bitcoin is also showing a lovely upwards trend at the moment and has already spent some time above $10.000. There is, as always, some speculation on where the newly found rise has come from. Plenty of worldwide events happening, but most likely – as experts dabble in these discussions online, it has to do with the upcoming block halving (late April — early May) of Bitcoin.

Partnership with Novo

We partnered up with the Novo team, that launched their product on Sunday February 2nd. They are experienced blockchain developers, if you look around on the website you’ll see some familiar faces. Novo has tackled a lot of challenges of cryptocurrencies:

* Distribution of wealth (whales)
* Impact on environment/ climate
* Control over your investment

Novo uses a unique distribution method. There is a maximum of 2500 Novo per person you can obtain during the initial distribution phase. This should help prevent whales from gaining control over the market and it should improve market stability. This distribution phase is possible thanks to the Know Your Customer services and policy of Nocks.

When you choose to buy Novo you can select what you think is important and where the money should flow. You can allocate percentages towards development, energy compensation and marketing. The initial distribution has started on February 2nd and will close on June 21st. During this distribution phase the purchase price increases by 5% every two weeks.

For more information, to buy ánd all of your questions regarding Novo. Go to

Important update about NCKS Utility

We’re also ready for phase two of our NCKS Utility platform token. We started sale two of our NCKS Utility and with it comes a great new feature / perk.

Per 100 NCKS you place in the new Contributor balance in your Nocks account you can earn through our contributor program. Which shares 20% of all trading fees with platform contributors. You also unlock new features like our Market Maker program (coming soon), merchant discounts and more.

Follow these steps to send your $NCKS to the Contributor balance:

  1. Go to Deposit/Withdraw select Nocks Contributor in the top selection box
  2. Click on Generate deposit details
  3. Tap the Transfer tab on the same Deposit/Withdraw page
  4. Send from Trade the amount of $NCKS you want to your Contributor balance

It takes about 15–20 minutes to show up in your new balance. You receive a notification when the transaction is completed. It’s an on-chain transaction, that is why it requires some processing time. You can freely transfer $NCKS out of your Contributor balance as well, they’re not locked.

Generate your deposit address first
From there you’ll be able to transfer $NCKS to their new home. Every 100 $NCKS deposited that’s in the Contributor balance for at least 30 days will be used in the reward system.

Don’t have any $NCKS Utility yet? You can get them here.

The 1ON1 Podcast by

We started a podcast on to have more content available to you that regularly updates our dedicated users about all our developments. Both in tech and in business. In a way describing our journey as it’s on its way.

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