Supply and demand dictates the value of Gulden

A lot of people ask us where the price of Gulden will go next. Will it go up or down? Should I buy? Should I sell? The relatively simple answer is we can’t and won’t decide that for you. Supply and demand dictates value. Whatever happens, happens, as the market (read: every user, application, trader and entrepreneur active on the market) dictates where the price or value of Gulden goes. Nocks simply offers ways to trade or spend your Gulden.

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Market activity

All market activity comes from people speculating (trading), buying or selling Gulden through Buy/Sell Gulden, uses Nocks Pay or when someone uses Gulden to pay at one of the merchants that wants his or her payout in EUR. This means there are far more actors on the market than just speculators. Making for a far more interesting and pure market where supply and demand fully serves as the backbone of this ecosystem.

Emotions and stress

Apart from the obvious financial risks, you also need to factor in emotions and stress. People under estimate these factors more than they do financial risk. All three are very important to consider when figuring out the market. Emotions and stress impact the market, because they impact the people active on the market. “They” are and form the market.

Some people are very good at manipulating emotions, while others can play it cool and keep it cool. This back and forth is part of pretty much every market and you really need to factor in these human elements when trading and trying to figure out where value comes from. It’s an endless duel.

Value determination

Nocks calculates value at real-time based on an exact amount requested or spent. We determine the value based on the supply and demand on the market available at Nocks Trade.

Read more about value determination

So whenever you see the price of Gulden at a certain price level or “last price”, that doesn’t mean you can buy or sell all of your Gulden at that specific rate. It all depends on the state of the market. See the trades happen live at Nocks Trade.

Ready to jump in? Go to Nocks Trade and trade Gulden real-time at a low fixed fee of 0.25% per trade