Update #1: What’s changed since launch?

Developing a new infrastructure for financial and economic transactions won’t be ready within a day and there’s no real model which you can use to see what will work and what won’t work. With this latest release we set up the four pieces of the puzzle we think we need to continue to grow and help facilitate the peer to peer economy.

We launched nocks.com October 3rd 2017, hosted a launch party October 28th also kicking off the first of hopefully many Nocks Sessions events and have already made plenty changes since then. Numerous improvements and optimizations have been made in the past two months and there is more to come, obviously. In this post you’ll find the most significant changes, fixes and what’s next on our list.

The most significant changes & fixes

We’re not going to list every single fix, don’t worry. Here are the most important changes & fixes of the past two months:

  • Withdrawing funds from your balance on Nocks does not require 2FA any longer. Since you can only withdraw to verified addresses, we moved the 2FA requirement to adding a new verified address
  • When you’re buying Gulden using iDeal, Bancontact or Giropay you need to save a Gulden address your Gulden will be sent to. When there’s no address saved yet, we removed the dropdown so it’s more clear you can click the Add more Gulden receiving addresses link to do so. We’ll probably make another change to this process by removing the link and add an input field for your first purchase — so you can select this address from your second purchase onward.
  • Going through the IBAN verification process through mobile the payment method was stuck on iDeal — this is obviously not as intended as verifying IBAN’s can also be done through Bancontact, Giropay and SEPA. So this has been fixed.
  • Nocks Trade has been one of the most anticipated new features of nocks.com. For all of our plans to work a direct pairing between Gulden, euros and in the near future other currencies, are required. So we created Trade completely from scratch and are very happy with how it handles and works — but mostly how all of you have received it and have already helped to improve Trade. Most changes to Nocks Trade have been performance wise and some bugs caught, for example a bug that caused funds being held as reserved after cancelling them.
  • You can now also view the market live, without having to be logged in at https://www.nocks.com/trade/NLG-EUR
Co-founder Roel Boer at the first Nocks Sessions: Unleashing the peer to peer economy

What’s next?

Nocks Sessions will soon return at another great venue, with hopefully a lot of you there. It was very fun for us to talk and meet up with both the regulars and the newcomers at this last event. It’s good to connect. So thank you to all of you that were there. This was our first company event and already we learned a bunch, not just how we can improve the next Sessions — but we learned more about our users and what we need to do to continue to improve Nocks.

At the next Sessions, we’ll release a gigantic update for Nocks Checkout.

Nocks Checkout will undergo some heavy changes and we’re not just talking about an update for the Nocks Checkout iOS and Android app. We’re not just talking about e-commerce plugins that have been a long time coming. We’re talking about an update that will change the way we can service companies with payments. We believe that this update is so important it warrants its own Nocks Sessions. So keep an eye out for that invite!

Further updates will include an expansion of supported currencies to Nocks Trade. We’re working on adding USD and GBP markets and we’ll add support for U.S. and U.K. users right after.

We’ll always keep exploring. Join the fun at nocks.com!