Update #2: The team grew by one!

Apr 17, 2018 · 2 min read

Another few months packed with lot’s of work and good progress. Here’s an overview of some of our most important updates, fixes and improvements.

An extra layer of protection with Bitsensor

As a fintech startup we need to make sure that the funds and data of our users are as safe as possible. That’s why we have a Bug Bounty & Responsible Disclosure program in collobaration with Zerocopter — read more. To make Nocks even more secure we’ve implemented the revolutionary software services of BitSensor.

BitSensor is a Dutch company run by some of the best and brightest ethical hackers the world has to offer. Combined with Zerocopter and the constantly improving measures we take ourselves it’s our belief that we’re on the right track with our level of security.

A few more important updates

We’ll always keep working on the Nocks platform, here’s a short overview of a few of the most important updates:

  • Creating orders on Nocks Trade through our API can now be labeled. Add a label attribute when creating an order.
  • You can now place Stop orders on Nocks Trade.
  • IBAN verification done via SEPA wire transfers didn’t automatically get verified and added to accounts. This has been fixed.
  • We expanded the Support page to be able to deal with issues and questions a lot faster.
  • We made some changes to the Buy/Sell Gulden service to hopefully prevent users from using unverified bank accounts which trigger refunds.
  • We’ve updated Nocks Checkout and added 6 plugins for e-commerce platforms.
  • We expanded the Nocks team, we’re now three!

What’s next?

A whole lot of improvement is coming to Nocks Checkout, with the recent changes and add-ons to nocks.com/checkout we’re slowly moving towards our full update for Checkout and we’re very excited to inform you all about the details. All will be revealed at the next Nocks Sessions.

We’re also still working hard to add GBP and later on USD to our Trade platform. We’ve already opened up onboarding for UK residents in anticipation of this addition. Further details will be made public as we come closer to opening up the GBP-NLG market on Nocks Trade.

There are a couple of third-party apps & services in development, from very bright entrepreneurs utilizing the Nocks infrastructure through Nocks API. We’re very excited about the development of these apps & services as it will mark another milestone for our platform and our way foward.

Keep an eye out for our next update!

See you at nocks.com


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