Why Nocks works with Gulden blockchain

Sep 1, 2018 · 3 min read

There is a lot of noise in the blockchain-sphere, rightfully so. It’s one of the most interesting pieces of technology of our time and the craze it sparked is a somewhat logical result. Another result is that people lose sight of what is important — or even realistic. Not everything needs blockchain or is even possible with blockchain.

When you understand the technology, its implications and its possibilities. Then you have a few choices out there. For us as a company, the Gulden blockchain is the most useful to use and build with. That doesn’t mean other cryptocurrencies are bad or not interesting to build products with. They are, but there are a few key elements to consider when using any blockchain to build on.

Usability, scalability and security

There are a few elements that we looked for upon choosing our preferred blockchain. Usability, scalability and security are amongst the more important ones in our minds, though a reliable and consistent team behind the offered technology are equally important.

If you want to know more about the Gulden Team it’s probably best to either join the Gulden Slack or follow up on their work at dev.gulden.com.


Now, about usability. The wallets created by the aforementioned team are amongst the easiest in the industry, if not the easiest. They also understand that wallets are never done and will always need improving. This means more people will be able to use Gulden and feel comfortable using Gulden along the way. If not now, then when the next update comes out. Getting started and getting familiar is relatively straight forward and that is very important for us creating services revolving around this particular digital currency.


Scalability is one of those things you need to look out for as a startup. What if you’re successful? Can the system you’re working with handle the volumes? We can partially be responsible for such a system, but for the blockchain aspect we don’t have any control. Luckily for us, Gulden is very focused on fixing problems, looking ahead and implementing improvements that tackle things like scalability and the malleability issue. But they’re also focused on speeding up synchronization and reducing transaction sizes. All so users will experience a more streamlined and overall better currency system.


Safety first, so we keep an eye on security. Our platform uses services such as Zerocopter and BitSensor, amongst various other measures. Because we want our users to be as safe as possible, we expect that same desire from the developers issuing wallets and improving the blockchain.

Gulden has a system called PoW². PoW² combines Proof of Work with something they call witnessing, giving the Gulden blockchain a tremendous bump in security making it out of reach of attacks by even the most wealthy and determined attacker. PoW² has added far more than just security, Gulden users are able to earn Gulden with their Gulden by participating as a Witness.

Read more about the specifics on dev.gulden.com or go to gulden.com.

Handing you the building blocks

Our goal at Nocks is to create a financial platform that will redefine the financial landscape. Giving people ways to trade, invest, pay and create is an important part of that redefinition. We don’t decide what you do with your funds, what part of our platform you like best or use the most. We simply facilitate. Nocks wants everyone to enjoy financial solutions that help them to create value for themselves. The infrastructure we develop serves this purpose and will hopefully hand users the building blocks they need to achieve this.

Using Gulden as our base blockchain, we are confident that anything we create with it will be secure, usable and scalable.

Join us!

You don’t need to be a developer to enjoy our services. We’re here for everyday users, entrepreneurs, traders ánd developers.

Join us! Sign up here.

We’ll always keep exploring. Join us at nocks.com!


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