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Overtime, I’ve come to define my personal mission to be supporting people in their own mission. Becoming a developer got me to love building productivity tools, and I’m now decently good at it. I’ve been meeting my purpose with Internal Tools for more than 2 years at Algolia, crafting digital experiences on-demand to help other teams automating recurring manual actions and information pipelines, so they can focus more on what they do best. But code, to me, was never an end in itself, and design always has been continuously growing more and more fascinating to me.

6 months ago my manager enrolled me in a tailor-made design apprenticeship, where I would join part-time the Product Design members to learn UX and quickly apply these skills to profit our squad efforts. This chance, along with being a refreshing back-to-school experience and raising back my motivation when I was a bit down, helped me become better at making interfaces and fulfilling my mission. …


Nicolas Torres

Web developer, designer and minimalist.

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