All I ever wanted was to be thin

This is honest and real. I’m glad you recovered from the mentality. I, too, experienced the same childhood obesity and was overweight until 34. Then I dropped about 1/3 my body weight in one year from overwork, undereating, newfound confidence, “self-discipline”, better eating, and running & working out for the first time in my life. Compliments only fed that cycle. Some of it’s back, and I’m still fighting addiction to the idea of the “old me”, which is the unhealthy version. When that resurfaces, I remind myself that I’m far more spiritually healthy now, and that means more for my contentment and confidence than any appearance. I’ll quickly hit the gym, but with the mindset of trying my best for the sake of my health, not my shape. Balance is hard, but achievable! This article really helped me:

Your perspective is reassuring, empathetic, and non-judgmental. I appreciated every word. Congratulations on your success in growing contentment… I wish you good health inside and out!

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