A Man was Murdered By The Cops and I Saw It Happen
Ezinne Ukoha

I saw a man die last week. A kid (white) who couldn’t have been more than seventeen or eighteen pulled out right in front of a motorcyclist (black), and the man died after about a minute of screaming in the worst kind of agony imaginable. I was inside a restaurant and you could hear this poor man dying over the din of music and people running their mouths.

When the cops got there, I’m assuming they informed the still-living that the driver would be charged with involuntary manslaughter, and the kid’s mother got hysterical, grabbed the cop (black) by his lapels and started screaming “you can’t do this to him.”

There is a man lying dead in the street because you and your young son were inattentive, and you grieve not for the loss of his life, but for the charges against your totally unharmed son.

It made me sick. People nowadays do not value life. Beyond being an issue of race (though it absolutely is), we neither respect nor have compassion for other living, breathing things.

Beautifully told story, and one I can totally relate to after my experience. Don’t stop raising hell until there’s heaven on this earth. Always a pleasure to read you, Ezinne.

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