Meanwhile on a Parallel Earth…
Thaddeus Howze

Thank you. I’m so blown away by the above comment, I can’t find the words to express the degree of my gratitude to you and to Ezinne. You have put words into my mind and mouth that I will repeat.

I’m white, I was raised in a very racist, Bible Belt household, and I have been struggling to find the words “a racism so pervasive it is completely invisible to you” all my life. That’s so beautiful and rings so true, I’m nearly in tears. So often, I hear (ALWAYS) white people say the most abhorrent, ignorant things like, “why should I be held accountable for the actions of my ancestors?,” “why isn’t there a white history month?” and “racism is over — black people are just naturally angry or something,” and until now, I was unable to adequately stand up for what is right because I didn’t have the words. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for raising your voice so that others can raise theirs, too. God bless you, and all my love.

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