Oh, okay. I beg your pardon for my inquiries, but I’ll like to quickly get your thoughts about not…
Ayomitan Ogunlade

Thank you for asking! I’m more than happy to elaborate.

In the past few decades, the American press has become restricted to the point where I find it safe to assume that all commercial news outlets are mere sensationalist fear mongers bent on turning a profit. We are ranked 47th for freedom of press in the world by watchdog group Reporters Without Borders — just before Haiti and Latvia. ALL of our major news media outlets are owned by corporate conglomerates, and they completely control what the public sees on television. Fox and CNN may as well be festering Petri dishes of cooked-up, bipartisan bullshit. I imbibe all my news from online reading, and on the rare occasion that that is insufficient, I read foreign newspapers. Also the wonderful Samantha Bee. I’ve been in a right fuss over Brexit for the way the U.S. is smearing it as a stupid, ass-backwards decision. I’m sure there are plenty of “knobs” who voted for it just because they’re racist and xenophobic, but the way our news media is selling that story is just tragic. It’s so much more complicated. There is SO much more to know and understand about the passage of that referendum — so many, multinational layers. And yet we’re content to sit and watch and think, “damn, the U.K. is almost as stupid as we are.”

It’s not a conspiracy. It happens every day, right under our noses, without hardly anyone batting an eye. The reality we ascribe to is spoon-fed to us by corporate entities who feed off of (and would starve without) the fear and hatred they create in us.

Racism, nationalism, sexism — any discriminatory “ism” you can think of grows out of fear and ignorance. When I watch the news, all I can think is “this is engineered to make me afraid,” so I do not watch.

I apologize if I veered off-course from your question. I’m quite passionate about this topic lol.

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