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The OP was good, but this response is great. “Freedom” is a loaded word. Self-sufficiency, however that may manifest in a micro or macrocosmic sense, is the only “real” liberty. Anarchism is the future as far as I’m concerned, but to articulate that is tricky, because obviously the term creates quite a lot of cognitive dissonance. I applaud you for being so forthright.

As far as the OP goes, I believe that one of the virtues that makes women most remarkable is also what makes them (typically) easier to influence psychologically than men, at least in superficial matters such as the above, and that is this: empathy. Women sense what others feel like most men do not, cannot. Women sense that the way they are currently perceived is based largely on their appearance, and they respond to that. The perception of their self-worth as determined by their physical attractiveness is what they come to accept as reality. Why? Because we as a society are not providing an acceptable alternative. We as a people say, “down with the patriarchy!” in the same breath as we say, “no dressing sexy over 40.” We’ve got to make up our minds and stop being bystander feminists. Pick up your damn pitchforks, people, and go to war with and for the women until we win.

Sorry for the impromptu rant. Great post, Mike. :)

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